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PD-Proxy VPN

May 23, 2012 1 comment

If u are Indian PD-Proxy user now its very easy to buy PD-Proxy vouchers to upgrade to Premium membership.

We are Trusted PD-Proxy Reseller in India.

We are here to provide Indian PD-Proxy users with Premium PD-Proxy Vouchers.

Getting started with Premium PD-Proxy is very easy just follow the following steps:

Sign Up for an PD-Proxy account here :

Download the Latest Version of PD-Proxy Click here

PD-Proxy Premium Price Plans
Subscription Fee INR (Rs)
1 Month  Premium Subscription Rs.300/- Rs.260/-
3 Months Premium Subscription Rs.850/- Rs.750/-
6 Months Premium Subscription Rs.1500/- Rs.1300/-
1 Year Premium Subscription Rs.2600/- Rs.2400/-

To buy just contact us at

To buy Urgent you can Contact me on this Mob No:. 9762324524

I accept payment through Bank Deposit :

Means you can go to bank and Deposit or you can transfer the money through Net Banking also.

PD-PROXY Premium Membership

PD-Proxy Premium Membership Account now available in India at just Rs. 300/- Rs.260/-

Just Contact

PD-Proxy Software is an VPN – Virtual Private Network Software which Tunnelises the Internet Connection and with the PD-PROXY it also hides your IP addres, and also your can access blocked websites with this PD-PROXY, You can easily Unblock Sites with PD-PROXY Software.

PD-PROXY can be used for 3g, 2g, dial up, internet, etc.

Pd-Proxy Trial/ Demo Account gives only 100mb usage of data through out the day, daily 100mb of Download, browse, and upload limit.

If you want to use PD-PROXY for unlimited usage than you will have to upgrade to Premium Account, to upgrade Premium Account of PD-PROXY it only Costs Rs. 300/- Rs.260/- per month Voucher Code, you can easily get the Voucher Code at

After upgrading to Premium PD-PROXY Account you will be liable to use Internet with Unlimited bandwidth, no limits and also you can connect to different Servers available in PD-PROXY Software.

In PD-PROXY you can Configure settings such as UDP and TCP Ports so than you will get High Speed of Internet to Download, Browse and Upload.

Buy Premium PD-PROXY Voucher code only at Trusted PD-PROXY Reseller at