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PD-Proxy VPN

May 23, 2012 1 comment

If u are Indian PD-Proxy user now its very easy to buy PD-Proxy vouchers to upgrade to Premium membership.

We are Trusted PD-Proxy Reseller in India.

We are here to provide Indian PD-Proxy users with Premium PD-Proxy Vouchers.

Getting started with Premium PD-Proxy is very easy just follow the following steps:

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PD-Proxy Premium Price Plans
Subscription Fee INR (Rs)
1 Month  Premium Subscription Rs.300/- Rs.260/-
3 Months Premium Subscription Rs.850/- Rs.750/-
6 Months Premium Subscription Rs.1500/- Rs.1300/-
1 Year Premium Subscription Rs.2600/- Rs.2400/-

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To buy Urgent you can Contact me on this Mob No:. 9762324524

I accept payment through Bank Deposit :

Means you can go to bank and Deposit or you can transfer the money through Net Banking also.

Unlimited PD-Proxy at Rs.260/-

Unlimited PD-Proxy usage worth Rs.260/- for 1 month.
Upgrade PD-Proxy demo account with voucher code to Premium PD-Proxy to gain unlimited bandwidth usage.

Download, Upload, Browse unlimited bandwidth by bein PD-Proxy Premium user.

After bein a Premium PD-Proxy user, the user will benefit access to all servers available such as torrent, gaming, and others, and unlimited bandwidth limit upto the validity of the voucher according to how much validity code you have purchased.

To buy PD-Proxy Premium Voucher you can just send us an mail at

PD-PROXY Premium Membership

PD-Proxy Premium Membership Account now available in India at just Rs. 300/- Rs.260/-

Just Contact

PD-Proxy Software is an VPN – Virtual Private Network Software which Tunnelises the Internet Connection and with the PD-PROXY it also hides your IP addres, and also your can access blocked websites with this PD-PROXY, You can easily Unblock Sites with PD-PROXY Software.

PD-PROXY can be used for 3g, 2g, dial up, internet, etc.

Pd-Proxy Trial/ Demo Account gives only 100mb usage of data through out the day, daily 100mb of Download, browse, and upload limit.

If you want to use PD-PROXY for unlimited usage than you will have to upgrade to Premium Account, to upgrade Premium Account of PD-PROXY it only Costs Rs. 300/- Rs.260/- per month Voucher Code, you can easily get the Voucher Code at

After upgrading to Premium PD-PROXY Account you will be liable to use Internet with Unlimited bandwidth, no limits and also you can connect to different Servers available in PD-PROXY Software.

In PD-PROXY you can Configure settings such as UDP and TCP Ports so than you will get High Speed of Internet to Download, Browse and Upload.

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Buy PD-PROXY Premium Voucher in India

Now the Indian PD-PROXY Limited users can easily upgrade to PD-PROXY Premium account through Voucher Codes of PD-PROXY Premium Account.
And Enjoy full benefits of PD-PROXY Premium account, Upgrade your limited demo account with Voucher Codes of Premium PD-PROXY.

Now its very easy to get Premium pd-proxy voucher Codes.
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PD-PROXY Premium Vouchers available @ Rs. 300/- Rs.260/-