PD-Proxy VPN

If u are Indian PD-Proxy user now its very easy to buy PD-Proxy vouchers to upgrade to Premium membership.

We are Trusted PD-Proxy Reseller in India.

We are here to provide Indian PD-Proxy users with Premium PD-Proxy Vouchers.

Getting started with Premium PD-Proxy is very easy just follow the following steps:

Sign Up for an PD-Proxy account here : http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm

Download the Latest Version of PD-Proxy Click here

PD-Proxy Premium Price Plans
Subscription Fee INR (Rs)
1 Month  Premium Subscription Rs.300/- Rs.260/-
3 Months Premium Subscription Rs.850/- Rs.750/-
6 Months Premium Subscription Rs.1500/- Rs.1300/-
1 Year Premium Subscription Rs.2600/- Rs.2400/-

To buy just contact us at pdproxyind@gmail.com

To buy Urgent you can Contact me on this Mob No:. 9762324524

I accept payment through Bank Deposit :

Means you can go to bank and Deposit or you can transfer the money through Net Banking also.

  1. Kunal
    June 2, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    Sir can you give me the voucher code in rs 250?
    Please sir becoz i could save only rs 250 for my net.
    Please Sir .
    I will be highly oblidged.

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